17 Days In

It always takes a little while to get back into the swing of things as school starts. As a teacher you start to panic “But this is the 6th week of school…”
It is easy to forget all the time you put into teaching the small skills and routines that make our days together so successful. 
We are starting our 6th week of school this week. This may seem like a long time but we have only had 17 full days in the classroom. 17 days to adjust and learn new routines, 17 days to learn our friends and teachers names, 17 days to learn expectations, 17 days to wake up a little early, 17 days to spend a day away from home. 


Only 17 days so far, when I remember that number, I know we are doing just fine. 
Only 17 days in and we are learning! We are learning, how to use our words when we have a problem, learning to stand up for ourselves, to ask for help, and how to be okay when mom or dad leave us at school. 
We are only 17 days in and we have already grown so much. Sometimes it just takes a little perspective to remember that we will get there and by the end of the year these first 17 days will be a blur mixed in with all the fun and learning that we have done this year! 
So excited to see what the rest of the year holds for us! 

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