One Word 2016: Balance


There is a movement in education to choose one word to define your year.

I have chosen the word balance for 2016. There are so many ways to find balance.

Balance in your work and personal life, no one wants to be at the school past 5 overnight and on the weekends, no one wants to bring work home regularly. I want to have quality time at school and at home with family and friends. I’m also in grad school so that is an extra factor to consider when thinking balance.

Many areas of the classroom need balance. Teacher guided time vs child-directed time, when to step in vs letting children problem solve on their own, outside time vs inside time, amount of tech used in the classroom.

I am sure there are many other areas balance is needed that I have not considered.

Here is to finding balance this year!

I want to know did you pick one word for this year, what is it?

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