Classroom Tour

Week two of #edublogsclub. This week the prompt is to share our classroom space.

Fortunately I rearranged my room for what feels like the hundredth time over the break. Really though I have rearranged my room so many times this year, at least once a month. It has been a very big transition for me to move from teaching preschool to 5th grade and the room layout has been a struggle. Fortunately for you I made a video classroom tour after rearranging, I was planning on sharing on Twitter or Instagram and then changed my mind.

I think I have finally found an arrangement I can live with. I counted up the space and have room for at least 30 students in my class currently and I only have 16 students this year which means I really have plenty of room for all of my class this year.

The living room area is where we are at the beginning of the day and during whole group instruction ,the U-Shaped table is for small group instruction. After that the kids can sit in any spot they like when they are working independently or in groups. I do tell the students that I have the right to move them at any time if they are being disruptive. So far this lay out is working well. The most popular spaces are on the couch or under a table. They love cozy spaces.

I wasn’t sure how going full in to a classroom with flexible seating would work as a first year 5th grade teacher, but it has been fantastic, there have been little hiccups here or there but there is always room for improvement in all areas of life. 🙂

There are a few more spaces in the room I will have to take pictures of or videos especially our teepee and some of the seating options. Maybe even while students are using these spaces.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour, can’t wait to see what your classroom space looks like!

4 thoughts on “Classroom Tour

    1. I think it is really about the materials available. My Pre-k classroom was a play based classroom. So I had blocks, writing, art, toys and games, light and mirror, sand/water, dramatic play and more. I still have a student centered classroom just much fewer manipulatives, kids are bigger so more physical space is necessary for individual spaces.

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