One Word 2017: Consistency

Last year my focus was on the word balance, and now a new year has begun and it is time for a new word. I will admit it was harder this year for me to come up with a word but I did come up with a word.

Consistency is my word for 2017. Of course if you are going to choose a word to define your year, you must have a definition of the word. This definition comes from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  1. 1a archaic :  condition of adhering together :  firmness of material substance
    1b: firmness of constitution or character :  persistency < … the rigid consistency with which he had adhered to its principles … — Nathaniel Hawthorne>

  2. 2:  degree of firmness, density, viscosity, or resistance to movement or separation of constituent particles <Boil the juice to the consistency of a thick syrup.>

  3. 3a :  agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole :  correspondence<The furnishings and decorations in all the rooms reflect a consistency of style.>; specifically:  ability to be asserted together without contradiction
    3b :  harmony of conduct or practice with profession <followed her own advice with consistency>

For myself I am really sticking with definitions 1b and 3b

I want to be consistent in my grading of classwork, I want to be consistent with the expectations in my classroom, consistent with the time I arrive and leave work, consistent in my interactions with people in our building. I think these consistent behaviors from me will really help me in the classroom.

In my personal life I want to see consistency as well. I want to have consistent healthy eating habits, consistent gym schedule, consistent money habits, consistent family time, consistent sleep habits. These are habits we should all have but a little extra focus on them will only improve my life.

I am excited to see what the word of consistency does for me this year!

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