Popular Culture in the Classroom

I have always considered myself a pop culture junkie. I love books, tv, music and movies. As much as I love pop culture, I have not done a good job bringing pop culture into my classroom.

I think the most I have incorporated pop culture into the classroom was while I was teaching in China this past summer. It came naturally to share music, video clips and commercials while teaching an English class to college students. It was easy and fun and practical. The students really enjoyed the peek into American culture.

I have struggled to include it in both my preschool and 5th grade classrooms. I am definitely able to discuss pop culture as a relationship building piece with my students. We share favorite songs, movies and books,  but I haven’t used it beyond that. I would love to. I have seen amazing things done with pop culture in the classroom. I just don’t know where to start.

I’m asking for your help. How are you incorporating pop culture in the classroom? Who or where are your favorite places or people to go to for pop culture resources? How do your students respond? I appreciate any help you can send my way!

*This post was written as part of the #edublogsclub challenge week nine.

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